Journal Special Issues

Advances in Mental Health

Substance Use and Mental Health
Masood Zangeneh, Christine Wekerle

ISBN: 978-1-921729-78-2

Promoting Youth Mental Health through Early Intervention
Debra J Rickwood, Beverley Raphael, David Pilgrim

ISBN: 978-1-921729-30-0

Migration and Mental Health
Nicholas G Procter, Monica McEvoy, Irena Papadopoulos

ISBN: 978-1-921729-08-9

Families where a parent has a mental illness
Andrea Reupert, Darryl Maybery

ISBN: 978-1-921729-06-5

Emotional and behavioural problems in children and adolescents
Lyn Littlefield, Jennie Parham

Multicultural mental health
Nicholas G Procter, Meg Griffiths, Leslie Swartz

Indigenous mental health
Graham Martin OAM

Graham Martin OAM, Matthew R Sanders

Contemporary Nurse

Advances in Contemporary Nurse Education 3rd edn
Louise D Hickman, Judy Mannix, Stephen Neville

ISBN: 978-1-921980-45-9

Nursing Innovation and Reform in Health Care
Patricia M Davidson, June Girvin, Debra Jackson

ISBN: 978-1-921980-34-3

Issues in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Care (3rd edn)
Lynore K Geia, Tamara Power, Roianne West

ISBN: 978-1-921980-17-6

Supporting a Strong and Resilient Contemporary Nursing Workforce
Debra Jackson, Michelle Cleary, Sharon Andrew

ISBN: 978-1-921980-15-2

Advances in Health Care for Marginalised Populations
Debra Jackson, Michelle Cleary, Judy Mannix

ISBN: 978-1-921980-31-2

Advances in Contemporary Health Care for Vulnerable Populations
Debra Jackson, Adeline Nyamathi, Mark Hayter, Bernie Carter

ISBN: 978-1-921729-82-9

Advances in Contemporary Community and Family Health Care (3rd edn)
Debra Jackson, Michelle Cleary, Sharon Andrew

ISBN: 978-1-921980-03-9

Advances in Contemporary Complex Health Care: Nursing interventions
Wai Tong Chien, Sally Chan, David R Thompson, Richard Gray, Yip Mei-Po

ISBN: 978-1-921729-51-5

Advances in contemporary community and family health care (2nd edn)
Anne M McMurray, Mark Hayter

ISBN: 978-1-921729-28-7

Advances in contemporary nurse education (2nd edn)
Debra Jackson, Roger Watson, Tom Mason

ISBN: 978-1-921729-26-3

Advances in contemporary Indigenous health care (2nd edn)
Kim Usher, Rhonda Marriott

ISBN: 978-1-921348-89-1

Advances in contemporary nursing: Workforce and workplaces
Debra Jackson, Carol Haigh

ISBN: 978-1-921348-87-7

Advances in contemporary modeling of clinical nursing care
Mary Chiarella, Vicki Parker, Karen Patterson, Judith Lathlean

ISBN: 978-1-921348-18-1

Advances in contemporary mental health nursing (2nd edn)
Nicholas G Procter, Angela Frederick Amar, Kam Hock Chang

ISBN: 978-0-9775242-6-6

Advances in contemporary nursing and gender
Paula McGee, Kim Walker

ISBN: 978-1-921348-07-5

Advances in contemporary nurse education (1st edn)
Debra Jackson, Michael Clinton

ISBN: 978-0-9775242-7-3

Advances in contemporary nursing: History of nursing and midwifery in Australasia
Colin Holmes

ISBN: 978-0-9775742-8-5

Advances in contemporary transcultural nursing: Pathways of cultural awareness (2nd edn)
Akram Omeri, Marilyn M McFarland

ISBN: 978-0-9757710-5-1

Advances in contemporary palliative and supportive care
Annette F Street, Carol Tishelman, Jeanine Blackford, Joakim Öhlén

ISBN: 978-0-9757710-4-4

Advances in contemporary aged care: Retirement to end of life
Margaret McMillan AM, Isabel Johanna Higgins

ISBN: 978-0-9757710-1-3

Advances in contemporary general practice nursing: Role of the practice nurse
Patricia M Davidson, Elizabeth J Halcomb, Elizabeth Patterson

ISBN: 978-0-9757710-3-7

Advances in contemporary nurse recruitment and retention: Problems and challenges in human capacity development
Margaret McMillan AM, Jane Conway

ISBN: 978-0-9757710-0-6

Advances in contemporary community and family health care (1st edn)
Debra Jackson, Philip Darbyshire

ISBN: 978-0-9757710-2-0

Advances in contemporary Indigenous health care (1st edn)
Eileen Willis, Vicki Smye, Maria Rameka

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-9-1

Advances in contemporary nursing and interpersonal violence
Anne M McMurray, Debra Jackson

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-6-0

Advances in contemporary mental health nursing (1st edn)
Nicholas G Procter, Barbara E Wolfe

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-8-4

Advances in contemporary child and family health care
Philip Darbyshire, Debra Jackson

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-3-9

Advances in contemporary transcultural nursing (1st edn)
John Daly, Debra Jackson

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-1-5

Health Sociology Review

Longevity: Sociological perspectives on health, illness and service provision
Pauline Savy, Anne-Maree Sawyer, Jeni Warburton

ISBN: 978-1-921980-25-1

Lifestyle science: Self-healing, co-production and DIY
Rick Iedema, Irena C Veljanova

ISBN: 978-1-921729-36-2

Culture, Death and Dying with Dignity
Glennys Howarth, Ruth McManus, Sheila Harper, Cyril Schafer

ISBN: 978-1-921729-86-7

Transformations in Health Care: Privatisation, corporatisation and the market
Fran Collyer, Kevin White

ISBN: 978-1-921729-04-1

Mental Health and Illness: Practice and service issues in the 21st century
Anne-Maree Sawyer, Pauline Savy, Katy Richmond

ISBN: 978-1-921348-57-0

Men's health
John Scott, Gary Dowsett, Victor Minichiello

ISBN: 978-1-921348-91-4

Food, ethics and identity
John McMillan, John Coveney

ISBN: 978-1-921729-02-7

Sociology, recreational drugs and alcohol
Grazyna Zajdow, Jo M Lindsay

ISBN: 978-1-921348-55-6

Ageing, anti-ageing and globalization: Transitions and limits in the governance of ageing
Brett Neilson, Beatriz Cardona

ISBN: 978-1-921348-20-4

Expert patient policy
Sally Lindsay, Bert Vrijhoef

ISBN: 978-1-921348-16-7

Social determinants of child health and wellbeing
Clyde Hertzman, Jianghong Li, Eugen Mattes, Anne M McMurray, Fiona Stanley

ISBN: 978-1-921348-15-0

Integrative, complementary and alternative medicine: Challenges for biomedicine?
Hans Baer, Ian Coulter

ISBN: 978-1-921348-01-3

Community, family, citizenship and the health of LGBTIQ people
Jane Edwards, Damien W Riggs

ISBN: 978-1-921348-03-7

Re-imagining preventive health: Theoretical perspectives
Christine Beasley, Megan Warin

ISBN: 978-1-921348-00-6

Death, dying and loss in the 21st century
Allan Kellehear

ISBN: 978-0-9757422-9-7

Social equity and health
Toni Schofield

ISBN: 978-0-9757422-8-0

Medical dominance revisited
Evan Willis

ISBN: 978-0-9757422-6-6

Childbirth, politics and the culture of risk
Kerreen Reiger, Alphia Possamai-Inesedy, Karen Lane

ISBN: 978-0-9775242-5-9

Revisiting sexualities and health: Contributions from sociological insights
Victor Minichiello, David Plummer

ISBN: 978-0-9757422-5-9

Closing asylums for the mentally ill: Social consequences
Pauline Savy

ISBN: 978-0-9757422-1-1

Workplace health: The injuries of neoliberalism
Toni Schofield

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-4-6

Symposium on rural health: Patients and practitioners
Brian Cheers, Jane Edwards

ISBN: 978-1-921348-27-3

Symposium on women's health
Lynne Hunt, Beverley McNamara

ISBN: 978-1-921348-29-7

Symposium on women's health: Breast health - health and ageing
Lynne Hunt, Beverley McNamara, Eileen Clark

ISBN: 978-1-921348-49-5

Symposium on Indigenous health and the contribution of sociology
Jane Shoebridge, Eileen Willis

ISBN: 978-1-921348-28-0

Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice

Francisco Jose Sáez-Martínez, Guido Ferrari, José Mondéjar Jiménez

ISBN: 978-1-921980-39-8

Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Reforms in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
Muhammad Khurram Khan, Turki Al-Saud, Hamad Alkhathlan, Hassan Al-Derham

ISBN: 978-1-921980-13-8

Innovation in Taiwan
Tim Kastelle, Mei-Chih Hu, Mark Dodgson

ISBN: 978-1-921980-13-8

Collaborative and Challenge-led Innovation
Tim Kastelle

ISBN: 978-1-921348-34-1

Public sector innovation
Jason Potts

ISBN: 978-1-921348-33-4

Network analysis application in innovation studies
Tim Kastelle, John Steen

ISBN: 978-1-921348-32-7

Innovation policy in the creative industries
Jason Potts

ISBN: 978-1-921348-31-0

Innovation and the city - Innovative cities
Jane Marceau

ISBN: 978-1-921348-17-4

Food-related innovation: Technology, genetics and consumer impacts
Christine M Bruhn, Paul J Moughan, Judith L Mercure

ISBN: 978-1-921348-21-1

Nurturing the knowledge tree: CSIRO in Australia's innovation systems
Jane Marceau

ISBN: 978-1-921348-09-9

Innovation in China: Harmonious transformation?
Mark Dodgson, Shulin Gu

ISBN: 978-0-9757422-4-2

Innovation and economic development: Lessons from Latin America
Gabriela Dutrénit, Mark Dodgson

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-5-3

Biotechnology and telecommunications innovation: Conditions and processes for emerging technologies
Maureen McKelvey, Erik Bohlin

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-7-7

Corporate sustainability: Governance, innovation strategy, development and methods
Andrew Griffiths

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-2-2

Asia Pacific innovation readings
Mark Dodgson

ISBN: 978-0-9750436-0-8

Journal of Family Studies

What can qualitative research contribute to work and family policy?

Fatherhood in the Early 21st Century
Deborah Dempsey, Belinda Hewitt

ISBN: 978-1-921980-01-5

Mediating Family Disputes
Lawrie Moloney

ISBN: 978-1-921729-32-4

Child support
Bruce M Smyth

ISBN: 978-1-921348-83-9

Parenting around the world
Pranee Liamputtong

ISBN: 978-1-921348-81-5

Family-work balance
David A de Vaus

ISBN: 978-1-921348-06-8

Innovative approaches to family violence
Margot J Schofield, Rae Walker

ISBN: 978-1-921348-05-1

Children in focus (II)
Lawrie Moloney

Children in focus (I)
Lawrie Moloney

Families in rural settings
Cliff Picton, Peter E Foreman, Liz Morrison

Ageing and family
Cliff Picton, Peter E Foreman, Liz Morrison

Loss and grief in family settings
Cynthia L Schultz

Empowerment of families
Cynthia L Schultz, Carl L Parsons

International Journal of Pedagogies & Learning

Language planning and pedagogy
Ibrahima Diallo, Shirley O'Neill

Explorations of pedagogy in Australian contexts
Louise Phillips, Chris Campbell

ISBN: 978-1-921980-43-5

Quality pedagogies for quality learning in contemporary higher education: Debates, innovations, opportunities
Leonie Rowan

ISBN: 978-1-921980-38-1

Creativity and collaboration in the education sector
Margaret Baguley, Warren Midgley, Martin Kerby

ISBN: 978-1-921980-33-6

Cross-cultural pedagogies: The interface between Islamic and Western pedagogies and epistemologies
Ibrahima Diallo, Shirley O'Neill

ISBN: 978-1-921980-41-1

Diverse dimensions of computer-assisted language learning
Jeong-Bae Son

ISBN: 978-1-921980-42-8

Online pedagogy in practice
Shirley Reushle

ISBN: 978-1-921729-12-6

Working with computer-assisted language learning
Jeong-Bae Son

ISBN: 978-1-921348-97-6

Language testing
Seyyed Abbas Mousavi

ISBN: 978-1-921729-99-7

Pedagogical meanings emerging in practice (Part 2)
Shirley O'Neill

ISBN: 978-1-921729-95-9

Contextualizing CALL locally and globally
Jeong-Bae Son

ISBN: 978-1-921729-97-3

Pedagogical meanings emerging in practice (Part 1)
Shirley O'Neill

ISBN: 978-1-921729-93-5

Doctoral designers: Challenges and opportunities in planning and conducting educational research
Robyn Henderson, Patrick Alan Danaher

ISBN: 978-1-921729-91-1

Evaluating value(s): Issues in and implications of educational research significance and researcher identity
Linda De George-Walker, Patrick Alan Danaher

ISBN: 978-1-921729-89-8

Meanings emerging in practice (Part 3)
Kaye Cleary, Patrick Alan Danaher, Warren Midgley, Shirley O'Neill, Jeong-Bae Son

ISBN: 978-1-921729-87-4

Meanings emerging in practice (Part 2)
Patrick Alan Danaher, Carmen Mills, Robert D White, Shirley O'Neill, Jeong-Bae Son

ISBN: 978-1-921729-85-0

Meanings emerging in practice (Part 1)
Patrick Alan Danaher, Alison Mander, John McMaster, Shirley O'Neill, Jeong-Bae Son

ISBN: 978-1-921729-83-6

Educating for tomorrow: Considering theories for learning futures
Benjamin A Kehrwald

ISBN: 978-1-921729-81-2

'Town and gown' in the bush: Contemporary regional universities and transforming communities
Jenny Simpson, Geoff Danaher, Patrick Alan Danaher

ISBN: 978-1-921729-79-9

Meanings under the microscope (Part 4)
Patrick Alan Danaher, Shirley O'Neill

ISBN: 978-1-921729-77-5

Meanings under the microscope (Part 3)
Shirley O'Neill, Patrick Alan Danaher

ISBN: 978-1-921729-75-1

Meanings under the microscope (Part 2)
Patrick Alan Danaher, Shirley O'Neill

ISBN: 978-1-921729-73-7

Meanings under the microscope (Part 1)
Shirley O'Neill, Patrick Alan Danaher

ISBN: 978-1-921729-71-3

International Journal of Training Research

Conflicting Interests, Tensions and Contradictions in VET and Adult Education Reform: An international perspective
Ros Brennan Kemmis (AM), Gun-Britt Wärvik

ISBN: 978-1-921980-27-5

Contemporary and emergent methodological issues in VET research: Dynamic boundaries and diverse approaches
Roslyn Cameron, Roberta (Bobby) Harreveld

ISBN: 978-1-921729-88-1

The Future of Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Global challenges and possibilities
Rupert Maclean, Ada Lai

ISBN: 978-1-921729-10-2

Multiple Research Approaches

European Research Methods 2013: Best mixed methods papers
Roslyn Cameron

ISBN: 978-1-921980-46-6

Depth Psychological Research Methods: Multiple and engaged approaches
Jennifer L Selig, Suzanne Cremen Davidson

ISBN: 978-1-921980-21-3

Mixed Methods in Genders & Sexualities Research
Lisa Jean Moore, Damien W Riggs

ISBN: 978-1-921980-23-7

Mixed Methods Research: Philosophy, Policy and Practice in Education
Anthony J Onwuegbuzie, Kathleen M T Collins, Rebecca K Frels

ISBN: 978-1-921980-19-0

Mixed Methods Research in Education
Anthony J Onwuegbuzie, Kathleen M T Collins, Rebecca K Frels, Alicia O'Cathain

ISBN: 978-1-921729-39-3

Mixed Methods in Business and Management Research
Roslyn Cameron, José F Molina-Azorín

ISBN: 978-1-921348-95-2

Mixed methods in the health sciences
Sharon Andrew, Elizabeth J Halcomb

ISBN: 978-1-921348-93-8

Teaching mixed methodologies
Kathleen M T Collins, Nancy L Leech, Anthony J Onwuegbuzie

ISBN: 978-1-921348-10-5

Using video in social sciences and health research
Rowena Forsyth, Katherine E Carroll, Paul Reitano

ISBN: 978-1-921348-24-2

Mixed methods for novice researchers
Kathleen M T Collins, Alicia O'Cathain, Nancy L Leech, Anthony J Onwuegbuzie

ISBN: 978-1-921348-02-0

Q-squared in policy: The use of qualitative and quantitative methods of poverty analysis in decision-making
Paul Shaffer, Ravi Kanbur, Thang Nguyen, Ellen Bortei-Doku Aryeetey

ISBN: 978-1-921348-26-6

Computer assisted multiple and blended research
Eugenio De Gregorio, Francesco Arcidiacono

ISBN: 978-1-921348-04-4

Conducting longitudinal research
Deborah Loxton, Julie Ellen Byles, Annette Dobson, Wendy J Brown

ISBN: 978-0-9775742-9-2

Rural Society

Sex, Sexuality and Rural Places

Consuming Rural Spaces: the turn towards leisure and lifestyle pursuits in rurality

Rural Community Wellbeing
Thomas Holden, Lisa Bourke

ISBN: 978-1-921980-36-7

Exploring the human-environment connection: Rurality, ecology and social well-being
Shelby Gull Laird, Angela Wardell-Johnson, Angela Ragusa

ISBN: 978-1-921980-29-9

Work and Environment
Helen Masterman-Smith

ISBN: 978-1-921980-11-4

Resource extraction in Australia - A changing landscape or business as usual?
Thomas G Measham, Rachel Williams

ISBN: 978-1-921980-05-3

Mediating rural and regional societies
Margaret Van Heekeren, Susan Wood

ISBN: 978-1-921729-49-2

Energy and rurality: Socio-historical perspectives on changing production and consumption
Merrilyn Crichton, Catherine Strong

ISBN: 978-1-921729-41-6

Rural health
Lisa Bourke, Juli Coffin, Jeffrey Fuller

ISBN: 978-1-921348-79-2

Rural mental health
Darryl Maybery

ISBN: 978-1-921348-22-8

Sea changes, tree changes and bush lessons: Post-compulsory education and rural renewal
Geoff Danaher, Patrick Alan Danaher, Roberta (Bobby) Harreveld

ISBN: 978-1-921348-19-8

Water and gender
Kathleen Bowmer

ISBN: 978-1-921348-11-2

Social capital in a rural context
Dimitria Giorgas

ISBN: 978-0-9775742-7-8

Rural governance in Australia: Changing forms and emerging actors
Lynda Cheshire, Vaughan Higgins, Geoffrey Lawrence

ISBN: 978-0-9775242-8-0

Rural social work practice
Margaret Alston

ISBN: 978-0-9775242-9-7

Human services and rural communities
Daniela Stehlik

ISBN: 978-0-9757422-0-4

Arts and culture in rural, regional and remote Australia
Marion Bannister, Rachael Williams

ISBN: 978-0-9775242-0-4

Information and communication technology
Marion Bannister, Elizabeth Moore

ISBN: 978-0-9757710-7-5

Agriculture, food and public policy issues for a new century
Marion Bannister, Karen Bell

ISBN: 978-1-921348-12-9

Rural and regional history
Lyn Gorman, Don Boadle

ISBN: 978-1-921348-13-6

Women and rural issues
Jennifer McKinnon, Christine Ferrari

ISBN: 978-1-921348-30-3

Small Enterprise Research

Understanding small enterprises: Healthy lives in healthy businesses
Stephen Legg, Ian Laird, Kirsten Olsen, Peter Hasle

ISBN: 978-1-921980-44-2

Family Business
Mary A Barrett, Keith Duncan

ISBN: 978-1-921980-09-1

Home-based Business
Colin Mason

ISBN: 978-1-921729-47-8

Public policy and enterprise development
Francis Greene, David J Storey

ISBN: 978-1-921729-45-4

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