Advances in Health Sociology

Advances in Health Sociology

Advances in Health Sociology 2008

Social Determinants of Child Health and Wellbeing
(Health Sociology Review Vol 18/1)
Guest Editors Jianghong Li, Fiona Stanley, Eugen Mattes, Anne McMurray and Clyde Hertzman
Despite unprecedented economic prosperity, there are growing concerns about the increasingly poor health outcomes for today's children and youth in both developed and developing countries. This special issue invites high quality papers addressing the social inequalities connected with child health/well-being, and the social, political, and cultural factors which shape (or determine) child health/well-being.

Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Challenges for Biomedicine?
(Health Sociology Review Vol 17/4)
Guest Editors Hans A Baer and Ian Coulter
In response to the emergence of the holistic health movement in the early 1970s and the rising popularity of complementary and alternative therapies, a growing number of biomedical physicians and institutions have embraced complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), often under the guise of integrative medicine.

Community, Family, Citizenship and the Health of LGBTIQ People
(Health Sociology Review Vol 17/3)
Edited by Jane Edwards and Damien W Riggs

Re-imagining Preventive Health: Theoretical Perspectives
(Health Sociology Review Vol 17/2)
Edited by Christine Beasley and Megan Warin
This Special Edition of Health Sociology Review, titled ‘Re-imagining Preventive Health: Theoretical Perspectives', is concerned with developing new thinking in Preventive Health. In particular the aim is to consider theories shaping the field today, and to critique and re-imagine these theories, in order to provide the grounding for robust debate and to advance a more developed theoretical base for that field.