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Re-visioning Research and Knowledge for the 21st Century

By Bernadette Walker-Gibbs, Bruce Allen Knight


This collection brings together research studies conducted by research higher degree students in Central Queensland University's Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education. The theme for this year's collection reflects the current debates around the impact and diversity of the knowledge economy with/in research circles in a global scale.

The underlying issues in this collection provide a variety of theoretical perspectives and experiences that clearly demonstrate the way in which the postgraduate students of this Faculty are well positioned to provide a critical debate about our collective futures in the 21st Century.

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Table of Contents


  • Re-visioning research and knowledge for the 21st century
    Bernadette Walker-Gibbs and Bruce Allen Knight
  • Television: The politics of control and inhabited resistance
    Wendy Davis
  • Celebrity names/brand names: Nicole Kidman, Chanel No. 5 and commodification
    Jeannette Delamoir and Tanya Nittins
  • Appropriation theory and Australian literary studies: A position paper
    Susan Bassett and Wally Woods
  • A million little differences: Polysemy, performativity and posthumanism in Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    Stephen Bulter
  • Knowledge renewal in the 21st century: Developing a professional network of biology teachers
    Simone Eiser and Bruce Allen Knight
  • Beginning teacher socialization in the workplace: Some perspectives from the literature
    Jeanne Allen
  • Online discussions: Perceptions of pre-service teachers of the role of online discussions in tertiary studies
    Rosie-Marie Thrupp and John Hunt
  • Staff perceptions of the implementation of enterprise resource planning systems in three Australian universities
    Marilyn Fisher and Bernadette Walker-Gibbs
  • Language learning strategy assessment: The development of a task based inventory for learners of Japanese in a foreign language learning environment
    Peter Grainger
  • Perspectives on implementing a New Technology Syllabus in Queensland schools
    Jenny O'Loughlin and Phil Bretherton

Notes on Contributors

Re-visioning Research and Knowledge for the 21st Century

Published: 2007
Pages: 192
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