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Sustaining Synergies: Collaborative research and researching collaboration

By Catherine H Arden, Patrick Alan Danaher, Linda De George-Walker, Robyn Henderson, Warren Midgley, Karen Noble, Mark A Tyler



Sustaining Synergies: Collaborative Research and Researching Collaboration explores the experiences, expectations, potential pitfalls and possible outcomes of team-based education research and publishing. It addresses vitally important questions for those engaging in collaborative research, including:

  • What are the different forms that can be taken by effective, efficient and ethical collaborative research?
  • What does researching collaboration demonstrate about the character and effectiveness of that collaboration?
  • How can collaborative research and researching collaboration generatesustaining synergies for university researchers?

In addressing these questions, the book presents accounts by Australian education researchers, clustered around the themes of capacity-building, pedagogies and ethics. In particular, the chapters elicit a set of practical strategies, underpinned by philosophical and methodological principles, that will be valuable for university research teams seeking to generate substantial outcomes through sustaining synergies in and through collaborative research.

Table of Contents

Philip C Candy


About the contributors

Bruce Muirhead & Samantha Dean


1. Sustaining and transforming collaborative research: Principles and practices
Catherine H Arden, Patrick Alan Danaher, Linda De George-Walker, Robyn Henderson, Warren Midgley, Karen Noble & Mark A Tyler

Part 1: Capacity-building through Collaborative Research

2. Using Mandala Theory to explore a successful research relationship
Karen Noble & Robyn Henderson

3. Risky business: Capacity-building in collaborative research
Warren Midgley & Patrick Alan Danaher

4. Research collaboration as social action: Constructing meaning and interrogating relationship-building in an outcomes-based approach
Karen Noble, Robyn Henderson & Patrick Alan Danaher

Part 2: Pedagogies for Collaborative Research

5. Collaborative concept mapping: An education research team leveraging their collaborative efforts
Mark A Tyler & Linda De George-Walker

6. Researching an authorial collaboration: Reflections on writing a journal article
Catherine H Arden, Mark A Tyler & Patrick Alan Danaher

7. Seeking superaddressees: Research collaborations in a doctoral supervisory relationship
Warren Midgley, Robyn Henderson & Patrick Alan Danaher

Part 3: Ethics in Collaborative Research

8. The questions of ethics in collaborative research
Robyn Henderson & Warren Midgley

9. Towards some answers to the questions of ethics in collaborative research
Linda De George-Walker, Catherine H Arden & Patrick Alan Danaher

10. Considering collaborations in writing a research book: Implications for sustaining a synergistic research team
Mark A Tyler, Karen Noble, Warren Midgley, Robyn Henderson, Linda De George-Walker, Patrick Alan Danaher & Catherine H Arden

Backword: Fostering creative collaboration
Terry Evans



Sustaining Synergies: Collaborative research and researching collaboration

Published: 2010
Pages: xviii+162
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