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Educational Planet Shapers: Researching, Hypothesising, Dreaming the Future

By Barbara Garrick, Shiralee Poed, James Skinner



Proceedings from the 2008 Research Higher Degree Conference held at the School of Education and Professional Studies, Gold Coast Campus of University, Queensland

This edited collection exemplifies the early twenty-first century's penchant for learning communities that are cooperative and collaborative. The co-production of educational research it represents has seen higher degree students produce their chapters through access to experienced researchers, supervisors, mentors, and editors within the broad community of practice of the university. This work has been presented at the joint staff-student conference noted above, after which their chapters have successfully traversed the blind review process. They now join their broader research communities in dreaming, researching and hypothesizing the future.

In this collection, drawing on a range of theoretical frameworks and methodologies, doctoral students, graduates and experienced academics address a number of complex and significant contemporary issues, problems and challenges. A major focus of several chapters has been the doctoral candidacy itself, the processes of doctoral research, and the interpersonal aspects of supervision. Here also are substantial chapters on legal and practical issues related to curriculum adjustment to meet disability discrimination legislation, the influence of disruptive student behaviour upon teacher stress and burnout, implementing middle-tier science in an independent school, and the challenge of transition from secondary school to post-school life for adolescents with vision impairment. Other significant chapters include the tensions between sponsorship and recognition of female surfers, the sociocultural issues framing policy change on college English assessment in China, the challenges for educators in a system of non-traditional flexible schooling, and action research and embodied reflection in pre-service teacher education. A chapter calling into question current understandings of the theory and practice of hypnosis, and noting the predominance of controlled research on the subject not the practitioner along with a general lack of attention to the process involved in interaction in deep hypnosis, is the wildcard in this collection. Another putatively even more challenging paper calls into question the possibility of social inclusion and co-partnership between indigenous and non-indigenous persons in Australian universities.


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Table of Contents

Associate Professor Donna Pendergast

  • Shaping the future of educational research
    Hypothesizing and dreaming the possibilities
    Barbara Garrick, Shiralee Poed, James Skinner and Sarah Standage
  • Taking the inner and outer journeys
    Successfully completing your thesis
    Emeritus Professor CT Patrick Diamond
  • Modernism vs postmodernism
    A critical narrativization of the PhD journey. Is there an alternative?
    Dr Wayne Usher
  • Managing participation within a novice coaching context
    Brooke Reeves
  • Apprentice, collaborator, colleague, competitor
    Negotiating the trajectory(ies) of a doctoral student
    Kevin Larkin
  • Recognition for female surfers
    Riding a wave of a sponsorship?
    Roslyn Franklin
  • Reasonable adjustment?
    The intersection between Australian disability discrimination legislation and parental perceptions of curriculum adjustments in Queensland Schools
    Shiralee Poed and Associate Professor Deb Keen
  • Life pathways or lonely dead-ends?
    The transition from secondary school to post-school life for adolescents with vision impairment
    Jane Brown
  • The potential barriers to college English assessment policy change in China
    A sociocultural perspective
    Qiuxian Chen
  • Different ways of being educator?
    A sociocultural exploration of professional identity and development of educators in a system of non-traditional flexible schooling
    Ann Morgan
  • Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners in an Australian university
    The exclusive 'we' and social inclusion
    Catherine M Demosthenous
  • The influence of disruptive student behaviour upon teacher stress and burnout
    Gerard Feltoe
  • Action research and embodied reflection in pre-service teacher education
    Jeff Hawkins
  • Applying the wild triangle to teaching middle-tier science in a Queensland independent school
    Anthony Fraser and Dr Fiona Bryer
  • Investigating understandings of hypnosis
    Hellene Demosthenous


Educational Planet Shapers: Researching, Hypothesising, Dreaming the Future

Published: 2009
Pages: 190
Post Pressed

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