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Innovation in Australian Arts, Media and Design: Fresh Challenges for the Tertiary Sector

By Rod Wissler, Brad Haseman, Sue-Anne Wallace, Michael Keane



While imagination feeds breakthroughs in every field of human endeavour, creativity is a defining characteristic of working the arts, media, and design professions. The capabilities of creative people are therefore sought in the burgeoning global service industries; a wellspring of the innovation that provides long-term sustainability for communities.

Challenges exist within the tertiary sector therefore, to make the most of these emerging opportunities, calling for a re-purposing of education and research in the arts, media, design, and related fields, and a radical re-definition of the new humanities towards a focus on the application of knowledge and an appreciation of market forces.

Innovation in Australian Arts, Media and Design presents the findings of an extended national debate on policy and practice developments in the fields of arts, media, and design. It brings together contributors from leading thinkers and practitioners that provide glimpses of the readiness of the field and its people, and of the robustness of its underlying epistemologies to succeed in the changing environments of Higher Education, Research and Development, and Cultural Policy.

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Table of Contents

List of Figures
Contributors' Details
Preface - John Harley
Introduction - Rod Wissler, Brad Haseman, Sue-Anne Wallace


Part I: Disciplines in Transition


  • The Visual Arts - an Aesthetic of Labyrinthine Form
    Charles Green
  • Dance - The Dance Ensemble as a Creative System
    Shirley McKechnie, with Editorial introduction by Shaaron Boughen
  • Drama - The Gekidan Kaitaisha-NYID 'Journey to Con-fusion'
    Peter Eckersall
  • Creative Writing - The House of Words in the New Millennium
    Jeri Kroll
  • Music
    Barry Bignell
  • The Moving Image - Quickness
    Ross Gibson
  • Interactive Media - On Modes of Interaction in Arts Systems
    Ernest Edmonds
  • On Shifting Grounds - Architecture, Landscape and Planning
    Bharat Dave
  • Industrial Design
    John Redmond
  • Media and Communication
    Terry Flew


Part II: Institutions in Transition


  • Network Building in the Digital Age
    Paul Thomas
  • Network or Perish?
    Michael Keane
  • Copyright Liability of Universities in the Networked Environment
    Brian Fitzgerald
  • Creative Practice and Critical Thinking
    Nikos Papastergiadis
  • Building a Research Profile within the Creative Arts
    Elizabeth Presa
  • Research Training for Arts, Media, and Design
    Brad Haseman
  • Prometheus Bound: Art, Science, Creativity, and the Imagination
    Nigel Helyer


Part III: Policy in Transition


  • Creative Arts and the National Research Priorities
    Malcolm Gillies
  • The Humanities, Creative Arts, and the Innovation Agenda
    Stuart Cunningham
  • Research Outputs - Up for Auction
    Rod Wissler
  • Challengers for the Tertiary Sector - Emerging Partnerships
    Margaret Seares
  • Conclusion
    Rod Wissler, Brad Haseman, Michael Keane



Innovation in Australian Arts, Media and Design: Fresh Challenges for the Tertiary Sector

Published: 2004
Pages: xxiv+276
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