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Creative Writing: Theory Beyond Practice

By Nigel Krauth, Tess Brady



Creative Writing: Theory Beyond Practice sets the agenda for creative writing studies in the next ten years. Here writers, teachers and theorists identify theoretical underpinnings for creativity and writing in a broad spectrum of experience - architecture, morality, psychology, ecology, philosophy, physiology, love, sculpture and the body.

This new research lays innovative foundations for insight into the nature of writing. A book for practitioners, teachers and students, it prepares a way for understanding the frameworks within which creative writing takes place in the early twenty-first century.

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Table of Contents

  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Notes on Contributors
  1. Towards creative writing theory
    Nigel Krauth and Tess Brady

    The Writer-Reader Space
  2. Writers, critics, and literary authority
    Paul Dawson
  3. Texts and human bodies: An ethical approach to public and professional writing
    Anne Surma
  4. How (not) to become a public intellectual
    McKenzie Wark
  5. The power of truth: Literary scandals and creative nonfiction
    Donna Lee Brien
  6. New media literature
    Thom Swiss and Maria Damon

    The Writer-Teacher Space
  7. Postcolonial creativity and creative writing
    Marcelle Freiman
  8. Freshening the mind: An account of teaching a three-week creative writing course in Chennai, India
    Inez Baranay
  9. Disinterested passion: Creative writing and the arts of love and teaching
    Brian Dibble
  10. Writing, textual culture and the humanities
    Claire Woods

    The Intimate Space
  11. 'Peculiarities and monstrosities': Consciousness, neuro-science and poetry
    Kevin Brophy
  12. Writing and danger: The intercorporeality of affect
    Anna Gibbs
  13. The posthuman and the writing process: Emergence, algorithm, affect and multimodality
    Hazel Smith

    The Writing Space
  14. The domains of the writing process
    Nigel Krauth
  15. Redrafting the self: The author as work in progress
    Jeri Kroll
  16. Something to live within: Writing as an architectural act
    Jen Webb

    The Imagined Space
  17. Writing / Theory: A personal view
    Andrew Taylor
  18. Writing a place
    Martin Harrison
  19. Against accessibility: Renewing the difficult imagination
    Lance Olsen
  20. A field so vast, the other is lost in the details
    Alan Sondhe


Creative Writing: Theory Beyond Practice

Published: 2006
Pages: 268
Post Pressed

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